About cautiosystems

    cautiosystems transforms oil field operations by solving two of the industry's biggest issues, downtime and theft.

    Due to the size and power in the well pumping equipment, when a failure occurs, it is often catastrophic and costly. Downtimes range from days to weeks, or even longer. cautiosystems senses pending failures and alerts operators that a failure is likely about to occur, allowing operators to schedule preventative repair before a catastrophic failure. This prevents downtime and keeps the oil (and money) flowing.

    Theft from oil fields in the U.S. is 18% nationwide, and reaches 28% in some areas. International rates are even higher. Sensing oil flow interruptions, preventing unauthorized removal from tanks, and surveillance, combine with cautiosystems's other features to virtually eliminate undetected oil field theft.

    Environmental concerns and protected species add additional complexity to operations. cautiosystems’s automated detection and video streaming protect these species and provides the support regulators are looking for.

    Oil Field

    cautiosystems was founded by oil industry experts, surveillance professionals, and advanced technology engineers to design a combination of technologies with the simple goal of keeping the oil (and money) flowing, and flowing to the people who should be receiving it.

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