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  • The need for cost effective oil field protection has never been greater. With volatile crude oil prices, no one can afford downtime or theft. Margins are thin, and preventing breakage can mean the difference between profit and shutting down. With nothing to buy, startup costs a fraction of traditional SCADA systems, and low monthly access fees, cautiosystems offers what the oil industry needs today to maximize profits, keep equipment running, and prevent theft...

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  • cautiosystems transforms oil field operations by solving the industry's biggest issues; downtime, safety, and theft.

    Due to the size and power in the well pumping equipment, when a failure occurs, it is often catastrophic and costly. Downtimes range from days to weeks, or even longer.

    cautiosystems senses pending failures and alerts operators that a failure is likely about to occur...

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  • cautiosystems is a technology company that uses purpose-built, provisionally patented “Internet of Things” technology in the telemetry and surveillance camera areas. NOW WITH TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY COMPENSATED METHANE SENSORS.

    cautiosystems is focused on the oil and gas industries, with future applications coming later. A Web-based management, analytics, reporting and response system is offered. This is truly the first integrated system...

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